Wnat is Liturgy? Part IV
Wnat is Liturgy? Part IV

We arrive at our family dinner party and are greeted at the door by young cousin David, since Aunt Susie is busy in the kitchen and Uncle Larry is in the back yard working at the rotisserie.  We notice the preparations already made.  The house is spotless; furniture nicely polished and carpet vacuumed.  Our family portrait hangs in a place of honor over the fireplace.  A brief glance brings to mind Mom and Dad who have already gone to heaven.  We see the joy in their faces and offer a brief prayer of thanks in memory of the example they have set for us.

Moving into the dining room we encounter the table set with fresh linens, candles and floral arrangements.  Silver utensils, fine china plates, and crystal goblets are set at each place.  But dinner isn’t ready yet, and as the family arrives we move about to chat, renewing and strengthening ourselves with stories of our common history, family and friends.   

Everyone is here, young and old, and in between.  Our gathering also includes a few close friends and the newest members of the family: son-in-law Robbie, and grandchildren Sarah, and recently baptized Diego.

At Mass we have our greeters and ushers to welcome us in.  Our custodians, altar society and environment team have prepared the space by giving it a thorough cleaning and have decorated it with flowers and banners that reflect the day’s occasion.  Our sacristan has laid out all of the items needed for our celebration.  The linen is freshly laundered and pressed, the crystal sparkling and the golden communion bowls shine as they are placed at the credence table for later use in our gathering.

All the members of our community are here: young, old and in between.  Our newly baptized members, who only this last March became full members of our faith community, and even those individuals who have gone before us in faith, setting the example for how we should try to live: the Communion of Saints.

We are all here to celebrate but as we look around to take stock we realize that someone is missing, a friend who is ill today or a family vacationing, they are sorely missed and we long for their presence among us when we gather again.

(May 22, 2005)

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